Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good morning.

Hello new blog, nice to meet you all.
That's all


Well, everyone else is introducing themselves and I'd feel like the grump of the group if I did not as well. Hello darlings, you can go ahead and call me Shady. I pretty much will be stalking the stalkers (proxies), using psychology to figure them out. I'm also active in combat, mentally and physically. I really look forward to seeing what you all bring in the future, information is important here but I also can't wait to see what creative ideas we'll get to see as well. Humor will be a nice retreat for the stressful times we will be facing, thank you Mystery for that section. My Smartassery will be pleased.

Glad to meet you all.

Stay safe,

P.S. I'll try not to do the tiny text here. :P

Friday, April 29, 2011


I go by Synclair or MsSynclair, I don't care which. Mssy is fine too for short. I'll contribute what I can and help where it is needed.
Nice to meet you all.

Hello All

Rev Loon here, welcoming everyone who cares to take a gander at this blog. Right now it is a little bare, but don't worry we will be adding information soon enough. I personally am going to put together a Bestiary on the Magic, Mysticism and you tab, giving information about the different entities we may encounter in our fight to survive. Also i am going to see about getting one more video added to the comedy section....Give Me $20...which was somehow left off

Until Next time, Stay Safe
-Rev. Loon


Hello friends,

If you're here, you've come to the point where you want to know what you can do against the Slender menace. This is a site for meeting your fellow defenders, whether you are alone or in a group. It is a site for survival tactics, no matter if you are a runner or a bit more ambitious in your goals.

Here we will try to explain the hows, the whys, and the what the hells?! No subject concerning SM and his followers is taboo. Ask, if you have questions. Contact me if you'd like to become a contributor.

Here we hope to organize a united defense against the supernatural monstrosity known as the Slenderman using whatever means we have at our disposal. No rock will be left unturned.

Remember, a baseball bat isn't just for playing ball.