Being a Runner isn't easy. No home, no food, no money...

Here we will attempt to lessen your burden.

Before running, be sure to stock you bug-out bag, and remember to always take any free condiments, crackers, and sugar substitutes wherever they are offered to the public, collect scrap metal wherever possible, and check back here for more survival tips.

Stay safe.

Be Wary of These
Ready Cash and Free Meals


  1. Fast food is great for free utensils and condiments. Napkins from such establishments make good aids in cleaning up, and is easily disposed of. Keep a look out for dollar stores for quick calories and basic supplies that won't break the bank. Keep your hair short and your clothes mostly binding, you would never want to give away an advantage to those that are chasing you.

    In the same spirit, I suggest keeping a small, portable sewing kit in your bug out bag. I haven't heard mention of it in the articles I've found before, but in a pinch, the needle and thread can help save your life. It can help mend clothes, thus extending its life, and it can also be used as rudimentary stitching. For the thread, thick basic black thread would probably be the best. Make sure to sterilize the needle that you use against your skin, there should be some in your first aid kit. If not, holding it under a flame from a lighter or a match will do under extreme circumstances.

    If I think of anything else, I'll get back to you.

  2. Hmm, on the clothes I would argue that loose clothing would help prevent being knifed as it's harder to tell where your body actually is under the cloth. On the other hand, it would be easier for someone to grab hold of you. I guess it's a matter of personal choice and expectation.

    The sewing kit is an excellent point though.