Mundane Warfare

Like the name says, this will be a page for those who follow the path of science. We here at DAS don't endorse any one path to dealing with Slenders. If you have sciency ideas on how to beat the crap out of Him and His, have at it.


  1. Has anyone thourght about using a minitureised E-bomb as a last-ditch defence? its not science fiction technology, i read about it back in 2001-4 in popular mechanics.

  2. Gantradies Dracos: if anyone can find some detailed blueprints, AIAD/AIAM.SAI might, MIGHT be able to prototype something or other. it might not pan out, Bahmut, HE might adapt to E.M. in which case, i would be completely screwed... i am simply requesting any detailed information on any kind of Practical E.M weapon anyone can find.