Monday, December 26, 2011


Germany: A woman was scene in combat with a lean man.

It's where she was last spotted. I've been gathering all the articles I can and whatever data comes in, it's ridiculous how many hours I spend researching when everyone else is sleeping. Everything I have found all points to her, and she's tearing her way across the globe and through Executor's clones to hunt down the original. "Tearing through" might be too strong of a term. Executor's clones aren't easy things to kill, I've received mockery emails from the man himself saying how her condition is a mess. And I believe it now after reading another article. A woman bandaged up, still bleeding, a thick tree branch in her hand as she fought against a lean man. Yea, I believe it alright.
I've been dreaming of her since after I escaped Ferus. I think Executor has found a connection now. He hasn't shown up which leads me to believe he's unable to locate me, which is good in its own way. The Caged One works herself day in and day out, while I'm asleep and awake, defending whatever it is she's been keeping locked up. Executor manages to weasle his way in and all I see is her, fighting his clones. She's no longer a pacifist, it would seem. Willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Mystery is getting stronger, it's alarming really. I can't imagine what she'll be like when we see each other. I need to talk to her.

I don't know what is happening. Frequent visits from the Executor are making things strange on my end. Whatever connection he found is allowing me to leech back through him. If he was allowing it he wouldn't have reacted so violently when he found out. I'm going to write fully on that on my own blog soon. Have a lot of updates to do so I guess just keep an eye out for it.

Thuggee has also been reported by MASC to be attacking more proxies. He seems to be drawn in when they come together now and then, bigger group the more he's attracted to their position. His merciless killing streak has not changed in the slightest. So, be warned proxies.

DeMii informed me Proxy 85 found and delivered Lullaby back to her. What interests me is why, on top of which from what I've heard from her he was also able to pass the wards. So does that mean the boy means no harm? I find it unlikely and surprising considering the past events, and him being one of Executor's charges. But you can't judge everyone as a whole, so I intend to investigate the matter soon.
Prosper has been awfully quiet, last I heard from a pleasant little email was that he was attacking Road Runner and she was as well attacking him. They've been in conflict for a while now it would seem, which begs me to ask: Why?
Maybe that file will help. I'll post it on my own blog soon.

Lucas and Joel have passed away, Drake as well. Elaine attempted as much. Three more people, gone to the graves.
Going to keep moving forward. Mystery and I will push forth until we meet up once again.
Everyone, be careful. If you need anything just shoot me a line, the sanctuary is around if you need it.

Stay safe.