Monday, June 27, 2011

News to keep you in the loop

Hello there...

I hope the posts up to this point have at least been helpful to those looking for answers. You might have noticed that (up until recently) we had no centralized base of operations, the better to keep our individual authors safe. I thought we'd be more secure that way, not keeping all our eggs in one basket as the saying goes. Unfortunately, with the attack on Shady last month, I had to revise that assessment. Maybe we should be more aggressive, maybe we should have been from the start. Since heading into Jersey, we've begun taking in anyone needs it, and we'll continue to do so. Runners, ex-proxies, fighters, in short- anyone who needs a safe haven. Our place is as safe as I can make it, and I add new protections every day. I've offered that info here for anyone willing to try it, though I know magic is not everyone's cup of tea.

I can't make promises for the future, but for the present, our place is safe. We have long term plans which we would like to implement, given the funds and hands to get the job done. We've already had some contact with Blackwater to the extent that they've opted to send men to one of the sites I suggested. I hope it bears fruit, but it's not at the top of my list of potentials. Potential whats... I'll not say in public, not yet.

You should know that I'll do whatever I can for anyone who asks. Whether you need help or want to know how you can help, post here and I will answer. You see those links at the top of the page? Go there and post if you have info to share. News, discoveries, tactics, your location if you need help... I think it's time we stop sitting alone in the dark, worrying about who or what is on the other side of the door, and start helping one another like human beings should.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Improvisational Self-defense

Just about anything can be used for self-defense. If it's within arm's reach, pick it up and use it if only so you can run away! If nothing is within arm's reach and you have no combat training, go for the soft bits and nerve centers.

Examples of improvised weapons:

Clothing A coat can be used in a variety of ways, including throwing it in an attackers face to buy yourself some time to escape or to distract from an attack. The sleeve can be used for choking techniques. Use it to ward off attacks. This was the common application of cloaks in the 16th century. A scarf can also be used for choking. Put something hard and heavy in a sock and swing. A belt can be used as an improvised whip and the buckle can be debilitating.
A Drink Throw it in your attackers face. Aim for the eyes (especially if you are drinking something acidic or carbainated). Your attackers will instinctively try to protect their eyes and you can use this to launch a secondary attack. If you have time on your side, you could fill a squirt gun with a variety of liquids (vinegar, salt water, hot sauce, etc) and aim for the eyes.
Anti Theft Device in your car Use as you would any blunt object.
Car Keys Thrust or rake at soft tissue targets or pressure points.
Flashlight Use as an impact weapon or to blind if it is dark.
Aerosol cans (Air Freshener/De-Icer/WD40 spray/Hairspray/Cleaning supplies) Can be sprayed into an attackers face or be used as an impact weapon. Added bonus, some of these sprays are flammable.
Tools Can be used as a club.
Coins Throw them as hard as you can into your attackers face.
Pen or comb Can be used to thrust at soft tissue targets.
Umbrella Can be used for thrusting attacks.

Useful links (if you have time to plan ahead)
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Protective Grid and Personal Wards

The concept of the Witches Bottle is quite old. It is essentially a bottle buried at the furthest corners of one's property and filled with unpleasant and downright harmful items used to ward off hostility. In a pinch (if you lived in an apartment for instance), the bottle(s) could be hidden in a cupboard, under floor boards, in a potted plant, etc. Use your imagination. Generally only one bottle is necessary, this to be placed in a central location such as a hearth. However, since the hearth (fireplace) is no longer central to the design of most buildings, this location could be replaced by the kitchen or somewhere near or under the door through which most people enter your home. If you are not sure from which direction danger might appear, consider a grid of bottles, one for each cardinal point or corner of your property and one in a central location to tie it all together. The central bottle should contain a magnet to make it more like the center of a compass .

What you put into the bottle is dependent upon your imagination and what you have on hand. Some of the contents should come directly from the person or people to be protected. This is by far the most repellent aspect of the spell, as it should be. You want to fill your bottle with things you would not want to encounter in an everyday setting. So if your companions are agreeable to it (and you have a strong stomach), you'll want their feces and/or urine and even (menstrual) blood. Less disagreeable to collect would be a bit of saliva, hair, fingernail clippings, or a small bit of fabric. This is all to focus the spell on the people living in your home and protect them from all comers.

The more dire your situation, the more aggressive the contents of your bottle should be. You'll want to find anything which might cause an injury to anyone who means you and yours harm. Anything sharp... rusty old screws and nails (careful of tetanus), razors, egg shells, broken glass, mirrors, plates, cactus needles, pins, stones, ashes, wood, bone, etc. The only limitations on what you might put in the bottle comes from your own imagination.

Finally, the symbolic aspects of the bottle. Red string is a common ingredient, it being protective in many cultures. Knotted thread is also common. I could write an entire post on knot magic alone, but in this case, the knots are meant to bind whoever comes your way from doing any further harm. Herbs are common, particularly rosemary which was used to make your enemy forget their grudge. Sand to weigh your enemy down, wine or vinegar to drown him, salt which was both defensive and offensive (salt in your enemy's wounds or eyes), etc, etc. Anything you can symbolically justify placing in the bottle is good.

NEVER OPEN THE BOTTLE OR DISTURB IT ONCE IT IS SEALED AND HIDDEN. The bottle(s) should remain sealed in perpetuity. You may go the extra length of adding protective symbols to the exterior of the bottle (I like the Ottastafur for this), sealing it with wax, and/or wrapping it in cloth and binding it with twine.

Personal wards
This is my own twist on the idea of the witches bottle. Protecting your friends and family on your own property is one thing, but you can't expect them to stay put indefinitely. That would be a prison of your own making. To extend the protection of the witches bottle(s) beyond your property, smaller personal (mobile) wards may be created for each person involved, and these should be made at the same time as the main wards if at all possible. If you think you might need to make more later for additional people, save the scraps of your initial work... left over needles, nails, wax, string, etc and use that to create a sympathetic bond with the bottles.

In addition to anything which would bind the bottles sympathetically to the larger grid, it's important to include something of the property itself. So, wood, stone, plaster, dirt, or anything which serves as part of your shelter or property. A loadstone (magnet) in each ward is also helpful, and this should be a magnet that was kept with the one in the central bottle for maximum efficiency, making the ward into a kind of compass attuned to the house itself. To enhance this symbolism further, you might paint a compass onto the bottle or use the Vegvisir, an Icelandic compass rune. This will serve the function of drawing on the house's protections for anyone in possession of the ward as well as allowing someone not initially included in the bottles to pass through the outer wards without becoming confused. The compass rune and the magnet itself will always help the holder to come back home.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm sure some of you have heard of this guy. He is currently trying to bring me down, along with the team. At first he was helpful. Now he is malicious. If you have any information at all about this charecter, be glad to tell me.

I'll tell you what I know.
He is 14.
He lives 30 minutes from a warehouse.
He is sensitive when you try to call him a lier.
He is stealing my name... bastard...
He pisses people off generally.

Ramson sounds satanic, any background on this?
And That's the best I can tell you.

I feel like I'm off the track of the ark.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Invisible Blog and Vlog posts

I've given some thought as to how this is even possible (after a discussion with Rev). How can a proxy post to someone's Youtube channel or blog, or even contribute to a legitimate blog post without the owner of said mediums being aware? And conversely (and directly applicable to Rev's Vindicate problem), how could you post information online for most people and make it inaccessible for a select few?

I'll be the first to admit that computers? electronics? Not my thing. Technology is no friend of mine. Go look to my personal blog to see the swath I've cut through the ranks of electrical devices. If not for my internet addiction, I would probably be a Luddite.

So how can someone post to your account(s) without your permission?

  • Well, the most obvious answer as to why there are things on your account that you didn't put there is that they hacked it. It's the answer most people leap to when they can see the posts and comments in question. I'd even be willing to bet it's sometimes true.
  • Unfortunately, the internet is not the only thing that can be hacked. While it is true that proxies may physically haunt a person and physically hack into their accounts, the bigger danger is when they get into your head and use your own body to skulk about. Once you are "possessed" in such a way, I don't imagine it would be difficult at all for your secret-creeper to keep you from seeing things from the inside out, especially if you don't even know the information exists.
  • The third possibility is that some kind of glamour has been placed on the blog/vlog to stop you from seeing the posts. The third seems unlikely simply because it would require a lot of work and fine tuning to make it apply only to one person. The internet not being a physical place, it would be very difficult (though not impossible) to do this... It's not something I'd like to try, but I do have theories on how it could be done.

A glamour would be difficult for a number of reasons. I don't know enough about computers to pull it off, but someone who's well versed in them AND in magic might be able to do it. That is part of the problem right there. While there are some people who like to refer to themselves as Techno-magi, I doubt the field is quite so advanced as this concept would require. Again, not an expert in this area, however Most of Slendy's followers just don't seem that bright.

Theoretically you would need the IP address of the devices(s) you wanted to affect in this manner, and possibly personal information and property from the human target as well. Though in this instance, information would be the better acquisition, considering this is a manipulation of information on the "information super highway."

While it is conceivable that all this information could be reduced to a sigil, a better solution would be to come up with a symbol to lock the specified target out, and then collect every single little thing that you wanted to keep from them as it was posted. I'm sure you can see how this could eventually become cumbersome. Again, not saying it couldn't be done, but it would be time consuming and tedious. The alternative, that you might modify the sigil each time some new thing was added would be even worse.

(This is for you Rev.) The simplest method for setting such a spell in motion would be to set up a website, put the lock sigil on the front page and make it the only thing accessible to casual observation. Upload everything you want to keep from the target and keep it inaccessible behind the lock sigil. Then just keep adding to the files as need be while posting them publicly to your hearts content. So long as the site hosting this spell never went down, the information would always be safe from the specified parties.

Laws of Magic: II Law of Attention

II Law of Attention:
All Worldviews exist as potential, gaining momentum the more energy and belief we put into them. The more one seeks to support a given law, conclusion, or Worldview, the more evidence one will find. We create our world, moment by moment (as illustrated by the first Law) by means of the recursive internal dialogue of words and symbols with which we constantly edit our perceptions. By focusing our attention to a specific purpose, we rearrange our worldview. In other words, belief is paramount to the function of magic, while doubt in oneself or one’s goal sabotage’s the goal before it can be achieved.

In physics, this is akin to the Observer Effect (some will no doubt get a chuckle from the name of this phenomena), whereby the results of an experiment changes with the observer (Ex. Schrödinger’s Cat). You can use this law to reinforce your Worldview. By seeking to validate your Worldview, you create the evidence you seek, which is both a function and a danger of this Law. Your subconscious provides the symbolism and signs to which your conscious mind responds. A kind of synchronicity occurs between your subconscious and conscious mind which results in coincidental observations. These observations make it seem that what you believe is true or increases your belief that something is true, thereby reinforcing your focus on your personal truth. If you don't see the danger here yet, then consider how our slender anti-friend hunts.

Though this is normally an unconscious function of the mind, it can be done consciously through the use of syllogisms (the conscious stringing together of symbols which lead your mind in a specific direction). Therein lies the power of the Law of Attention. So long as you can maintain focus on your personal truth, you can begin to bend reality to your will. The longer you are able to maintain this attention or the more energy you put into your desires, the more you are able to convince yourself, and the minds around you, of your personal truth. The more minds agree on a "truth," the longer the universe will allow it to last.

By simply desiring a Worldview to be true, your mind begins to discard any illusions between you and its validation (this is called "wish magic" by some). In other words, you see more evidence of its reality because you are no longer disregarding it. The evidence may have existed all along, but until you were ready to accept it, it remained hidden from you. On the other hand, you are also actively creating this evidence as you go as a means of reinforcing the Worldview you are consciously or unconsciously building.

In the long run, this Law is invaluable for strengthening your Worldview. By stringing along events and symbols in a logical fashion, you can prove a Worldview is possible. In doing so, changes to your current Worldview become easier. What I mean is, if you are attempting to alter your current Worldview to a new one (in other words- working a spell), then use of the second Law facilitates that change.

This law has a secondary function applicable to divination. It deals with interpretation of omens and portents which connect to our subconscious desires, and which many fail to note prior to the event they foretell. Those who have a talent for divination can learn to read the will of the Tao reality through the Law of Attention.

Affirmations are one of the easiest ways to put the Law of Worldviews into effect, but the Law of Attention deals more precisely with accessing the subconscious through symbolism. The simplest way to do this is by creating a sigil. A sigil can be produced by collecting any words which apply to the reality you wish to create. Some books will tell you to choose letters from an alphabet that the writer considers in some way magical, but any alphabet or system of symbols can be used. When you are just starting out, it is more important to be familiar with your tools (your own alphabet in this instance) as a boost to your confidence. Later you can choose an alphabet to which you may attach special significance.

To create a simple sigil, write a short sentence pertaining to your hoped for goal. Reduce each word to the first letter and throw out any letters which repeat. Combine the letters, eliminating shared lines, until you have a symbol which is a representation of all the letters. Draw this form on a clean sheet of paper, using whatever ink you feel appropriate. This will be your sigil once you empower it (by focusing your will on the symbol and investing it with the power of your belief in what it represents). Once you put it to use, watch for the changes you desire in your reality. Acknowledgment of those changes will further validate your worldview.