Friday, May 27, 2011


Ye know, when I was yer age, we dinnit have these here bloggamajiggers, fer sure. We had to write all our letters by hand, in the snow, while walking six miles to the nearest post office!

It's come to my attention you don't know anything about hard, cold facts. So let's start with fact number one: Electricity is a cruel mistress.

Ever since SAGE01A (to use Scribe Sigma's very neat designation system) did some tests with "The Substance," we've known that electricity hurts the |OC|. I won't say I knew about it before, because I didn't, not in my many years, but it explains some things in my past. The Substance, which I like to call ectoplasm, is highly conductive of electricity. Thanks to the high presence of said ectoplasm in the |OC|, the |OC| is highly conductive of electricity.

Example 1: Avalesca. In short, she lured the |OC| into the magnetic gates of a library, and then amped up the voltage. Pain ensued.

Example 2: Nightcrawler. One of the science team developed an electromagnet that emitted enough "radiation" to keep away the |OC| for a maximum of one month, after which it managed to find the blind spot, so to speak.

To continue with the PTC, they've developed an electrified melee weapon: the Hammer of Thor, or the banhammer. I haven't seen it in action but I've seen the charts of the kinds of power it emits and I can tell you, it would hurt the |OC| big time. If they could ever manage to get close enough.

More in-detail information can be found here.

Keep a taser with you. Not a close-quarters one. A projectile taser. If you need a second or two to run, shoot it and drop it. Since that ectoplasm is almost always found in the Indoctrinated, such a taser would work against them, too. Close-quarters would be easier to use with them than with the |OC| if you can't get your hands on a longer-range one.

Hope that helps.

For science, this was Nathaniel Crowley. Dagnabbit.



Found a house finally, snuck into it. Residents are asleep, computer is downstairs. On guest account, heh. Keeping this short. So tired... No. Hurry. Mystery is gone, perfect timing right? I'm concerned. On Twitter he posted a cut off code for danger. Trying to track or find any messages or get an idea of what this means.

Wildman is my first suspect. Mystery was concerned earlier and displayed it openly. I am so tired, the anger, the worry, it adds stress to this breaking body and mind. I don't suspect the Executor, nor his companion Proxy 269. It seems my previous captor is too busy running from Victor (Good! Fucking run!). You never know, but in regards to earlier when we were conversing common sense leans towards the brute that's been stalking him.

While I can give you no description on Mystery I can go ahead and give you what Mystery said in his own words about Wildman:

"Though the big one seems not to like the little one. It chases him around and around the park. I've taken to calling the big one Wildman (of Borneo). His one defining feature is the hair... long, lank, grizzly hair. He hasn't gotten within a yard of me, but I imagine he smells. Just a guess.

The little one, I don't know. I only noticed it a day ago. It dropped out of a tree practically on top of Wildman. Never saw one of Them run so fast. Both of them disappeared into the trees. The little one is very small, very thin. Could just be a kid, but that doesn't explain why Wildman fled the scene and seems to be avoiding it whenever I can even spot the little one."

If anyone recognizes someone fighting a person (or people) fitting that (these) description(s) you need to alert me immediately.

I can't stay long. Can't risk it. I'm debating on heading into Mystery's direction but that seems like suicide, in my condition I'd only burden any attempts at survival. I see the pocket knife next to me, finely sharpened not by me, but by the Executor during my stay. I feel like my small weapon was raped. This is bullshit but there is little we can do as of now. I'm going to settle in the basement of this house, took a peek around when I initially entered. There is a hidden spot behind some crap, cold floor but fuck it. House is pretty warm. Will sleep for a few hours. Find where I am in the morning. Hopefully have some word from Mystery by then.

Wildman, I swear... Everything I would have done to Bad Man Walking I will do to you ten fold, should you have hurt Mystery. Should anything happen. Your master will shiver when He sees what I have done to you. Unlike Mystery I am not a pacifist, I have no qualms in tearing down everything you know and everything you are. This is not an empty threat, it is a goddamn promise.
No one touches friends/allies/people I give a damn about. No one especially touches kin, and Mystery is as close to me as my own blood relatives are.

I can't find any signs aside from our Twitter conversation. I read the fire incident and everything before. Mystery's kin are safe, at least he believes so. But is he? That question pulls at me, it concerns me. I can't aimlessly go into his direction, though. None of us can. Please, Mystery, if you are alright let us know. I'm really hoping your computer just glitched out or something but... Fuck, the likeliness in that timing... We both know, don't we? You're a strong one. I refuse to assume the worse and I will slap anyone else who does.

I need to lay back, even if it is on a the hard floor in the basement. Need a few hours. Need to think.
I'll post updates on Twitter when I get on the road again. Going to keep looking for something, even if I have to check every page and every lead fifty times. Some clue as to where he went... Smarter than that. He'll have a plan even when attacked. I'm sure of it.

I don't know how many of these chances I will get, how much access I will have to a computer either. Might bounce from house to house if I can. Have to find a way to power up the cellphone too, it's running really low. Will rummage this house for something tomorrow. Here's to hoping it is empty.
Here's to hoping Mystery is alright.
Stay safe. Please.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well... Shit.

My aviator hat is gone, and according to AG Slendy steals clothes.

Another proxy parody blog

Well i guess theres always room for one more on the parody bandwagon.
I have made a proxy parody blog that will probably be a fail but it still doesn't hurt to check it out :D

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011


This is a quick C& P from my personal blog, but I wanted to keep you guys updated on what is going on. You all may be aware that Executor has kidnapped Shady. He and his associate are torturing her for "information" and to make an example of her. Even as I write this, I have to pause as my fists clench... I am so angry; I am literally shaking with rage.

I do not handle feeling helpless well. So I refuse to be helpless. I won't sit around waiting. I've made a choice... I'm going to Shady's place tomorrow. I've managed to get off from work until Wednesday. So I'm going to go to Jersey. I can't track Shady from here, but I will go to her house and get something personal... a bit of hair, clothes... gods help me, blood. I'll make a charm to track her, and I will make Executor and Advocate suffer for all they've done.

If anyone saw ANYTHING strange in New Jersey, don't be afraid to mentioned it here. Any little thing that you may have noticed in the past few days... strangely masked emos... three people acting suspiciously. We're looking for at least two men. The numbered proxy in Executor's posts is not identified as male or female. So we can't guarantee we're looking for three males.

And Shady of course. She, at least, I can describe. She is pale and small, 5'1", with medium length hair, brown with violet underneath and a single streak of green on the left. Her eyes change from hazel to blue and purple, not that you would have noticed if you saw her at night. If anyone saw anyone manhandling anyone fitting Shady's description, please let me know. From what she told me before she was kidnapped, Executor is not much bigger than she is, but at that point she had only seen him in a dream. A master of dreams can appear any old way he or she wishes, so there's not guarantee he's actually that height in the flesh.

Executor, if you are reading this, I'll find you. I will. But I know you are far too vain to read my words unless they appear on your own blog, which is why I am not afraid to state my intent. I've threatened you. Not idle threats, I assure you. Perhaps you missed the post where I said I was a pacifist by choice. It is not in my nature to forgive those who trespass against me and mine. And if there's one thing that would make me go on the offensive, it's someone I care for being tortured by a sadist like you.

You had better pray to your sick, sad god that Shady ends up home and safe and that she talks me down from doing you permanent harm. Or the pain you have so far put Shady through will pale in comparison to the seven layers of Hell that will descend upon your head.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Laws of Magic: I Law of Worldviews

I Law of Worldviews
The world we perceive is not the true world. What we see is a mixture of the underlying reality (the Tao or objective, unknowable reality which supports everything we build upon it) and our perception (the subjective). Science supports the idea that by observing phenomena, we change it. While changing your worldview does not alter the eternal, real world, it does change the world you perceive. That is, by changing his worldview a magician is able to make real changes in the world which is real to humanity. (This will be explored further in Law VII: the Law of Reflections.)
Because there are an infinite number of ways to perceive the world, there are also an infinite number of worlds we may assemble without awareness. The true underlying reality is unknowable to us as long as we retain our worldview of separateness and self. Through meditation and other techniques, an explorer of this underlying reality can become one with it, but when joined to it, he can no longer step back and observe it, having become for that moment a part of it. As soon as he steps back, he begins to build observations about his experience, destroying the moment and obscuring the world which he has left. Thus there is no such thing as an independent observer. You participate in creating the world by perceiving it. This is then the objective all magic, bending reality to your will to create the phenomena or world you desire despite the will of others. The Will is the most powerful tool of a magician.
The Law of Personal Universes Every sentient being lives in and quite possibly creates a unique universe which can never be 100% identical to that lived in by another. So-called “reality” is a matter of consensus opinion.
The Law of Infinite Universes The total number of universes into which all possible combinations of existing phenomena could be organized is infinite. Anything is possible, though some things are more probable than others and so are easier to enact.

According to the Law of Worldviews and its sublaws, our reality is our own creation, attached tenuously to the underlying “real” world. Both worlds are real in so far as we are able to understand, both affect our well-being, but our personal reality is in constant flux, changing according to both the real world and our perception of it. Unlike the underlying reality however, only one’s own personal world may be altered willfully. The underlying reality remains unaltered. It is the foundation upon which we build our observations. A good example of this is the use of positive affirmations. When someone convinces themselves of the possibility of change, they bring that change into being.

True immersion in the “real” world would remove any desire for change. We cannot live in the “real” world (I believe it is as aspect of the Afterlife). It can be visited for short periods by minds that have attuned themselves to it, but staying too long might prevent the observer from returning or remove all desire to return (resulting in death). Since we cannot live in this “real” world, affirmations, meditations, and spellwork are valuable tools for reshaping the subjective world we must live in. Any attempt to alter the objective reality immediately removes the observer to the mutable universe of perception and creation. Only in the universes of our finite perception can change be put into effect. The world we each perceive is created by thought and desire and remains a mutable, warped copy of the underlying universe which exists as the bedrock of all our realities. (However, if your will is strong enough to affect the less material and therefore more spiritually mutable sister dimensions in direct contact with the world most of us see, it is possible to be incredibly kickass like the Amalgamation Sage.)

Because the number of possibilities in any individual universe are infinite, so too are the types of phenomena which can be caused through the application of will. However, since some phenomena are more probable than others, some will require less energy should they be attempted. For instance, it would be easier to create a pig than a flying pig, though creation of any matter from nothing would overtax our limited cognitive abilities.

Because each of us creates our own reality, it is difficult, though not impossible, for two or more people to agree upon the same phenomena. Police will tell you that witnesses to a crime rarely agree on the fine details of what they saw. Creation of phenomena is easier with one observer and becomes successively more difficult the more observers are included. Should a magician manage to obtain the cooperation of other observers however, either in suspending their expectations or in focusing their wills on a joint project (through agreed upon symbolism), the bending of reality to the Will becomes easier than with only one observer/magi. (More on this in Law IV.) This is also where the use of traditional tools and supplies comes into play. Stones, herbs, symbols, and other trappings of magic are powerful due to the combined will of generations of magicians using the same items in their own practice. It taps into the collective unconscious or what some call the Akashic Records.

The Law of Worldviews is a valuable tool towards understanding the underlying universe even as it affects the subjective universes of our perceptions. Application of this Law allows the creation or dispersal of energy in the form of phenomena. Belief is the all important factor. Believing something is possible allows it to be an option in your reality. Doubt destroys that possibility. Belief that something can hurt you, feeds the doubt that you can prevent that harm.

A person who believes in fairies, angels, spirits, etc, can communicate with them if they are present. Is this person delusional? Science would say yes, but such entities can cause changes to the physical universe that others can observe: temperature, weather, cumulative alterations in the subject. If multiple observers can be convinced to share a worldview, they will be able to function partially within that world, and the original observer within theirs. Shared perception creates a shared world through which the occupants may affect each other. The shared world will become more real based upon the number of believers in that world. Thus if three out of four people believe enough in the presence of a spirit, they may be able to empower that entity to appear or cause phenomena the fourth non-believer may experience despite his disbelief. It is not that we create a non-human entity (though it is possible to do so), but that we allow ourselves the option of perceiving it. Others may prefer not to allow it into their personal worldview and therefore, based on the strength of their will and belief, prevent it from manifesting in their reality.

This Law explains also the very real danger of cults, particularly Slendy and friends.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dr Seuss

I had a revelation at work last night. I know who Slendy is...

He's the Lorax, and he's beyond bent out of shape about his trees. Somewhere in the course of going to law school to take his protection of the trees in a legal direction, he snapped...

Or he's the cat in the hat after a horrific shaving accident... cat always did like messing with our heads...

(This is how my brain works on a deficit of sleep.)

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Laws of Magic

Think of magic like a car. Almost anyone can drive a car with the proper training, but if something doesn’t work right, very few people can fix it on their own. You can be given instructions, but when magic (or your car) fails spectacularly, you can end up injured or dead. So it is then quite important to understand the finer laws of magic if you wish to become adept at using it, not only to fix what doesn’t work, but to avoid injury of yourself or others when you delve into the greater mysteries.

Like Newton’s law of gravity or Einstein’s law of relativity, magic has its own theories, here called Laws, but also referred to as Axioms in many old books. These explain how thought energy influences the physical world. There are twenty-seven laws, not including their sublaws (which make it thirty-nine).

Every tool and symbol, every herb, stone, or other item used in a spell, is merely a way to maximize your thought energy to ensure that the thing you want to occur does. Using such tools allows you to focus on the tool as a symbol of your will. That is not to say that these things do not have power on their own, but understanding the Laws of Magic will allow you to benefit from the energy intrinsic in such paraphernalia, thus allowing you to reserve more of your personal energies for emergencies.

Magic is dependent upon thought, but not only your own. Beliefs have power, traditions wear pathways through reality that make movement in one direction or another easier. Just as ley lines collect the excess energy that living things naturally release in the course of existing, there are patterns of thought which have power through the combined energies of generations of magic folk. The laws I will post here will allow you to access these energy patterns and bend them to your will. The time of miracles is quickly returning and those with the ability to influence reality should be made aware of these laws so that their lives do not end abruptly and spectacularly for want of a learners permit.

For now, it is important that you understand that science and magic are not mutually exclusive thought patterns. While Science examines the physical world, magic seeks to unlock the world science refuses to observe or even acknowledge. Both are extensions of philosophy however. For the purposes of explaining magic and science, there are two corresponding philosophies: idealism and materialism.

  • Idealism says that all of reality is based on thought. Thought creates matter. If your thoughts were strong enough, you could perform miracles... fly, walk through walls, create life.
  • Materialism pertains to the material universe.  In materialism, there is no room for thought to influence matter unless it is by artificial means.
Therefore science and magic become two extremes of a sliding scale, each a useful tool as we attempt to alter the world in which we live. Some parts of the physical world are difficult to influence with magic, but easily altered through the application of science. Do you suppose it would be easier to pick something up in your hand and carry it with you, or use your mind? The answer, while in some cases circumstantial, would be your hand. It is merely a matter of how you choose to apply the energy available to you.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun things for late at night when you can't seem to sleep.

Anonymous here...

First is the webcomic "Scandinavia and the World". Each character in this comic represents a different country. God it's just fantastic... sooo... yeah... check it out, you won't regret it! = )

Scandinavia and the World

Another that can take days to read all the way through is MS Paint Adventure's "Problem Sleuth" and "Homestuck". These comics are done in the style of text based adventure games. Problem Sleuth gets pretty complicated near the end, but not nearly as much as Homestuck, so I strongly urge you not to skip ahead in the stories and read them both all the way through. (they are not directly connected as of yet, so you can read either one, but choose one and stick with it. X D ) Oh also, Problem Sleuth is finished, but not Homestuck.

Problem Sleuth

Next for people who like watching videos of funny critics (like I do.) there's the Nostalgia Critic. He's damn funny and reviews stuff that would be from most people's childhood. (If they're under 35.) But yeah, give him a try!

Nostalgia Critic

And for those of you who love ranting comedians there's iLL WiLL PreSS's "Neurotically Yours" with Foamy the Squirrel, also there's 2 the Ranting Gryphon and his show 2Sense. Honestly anything from Neurotically Yours is amazing so give it a try. 2's show 2Sense is really good, though they don't have some of the older episodes on there, but you can watch a lot of them, also he has some of his rants (videos and audio rants.) on there too. enjoy!

Neurotically Yours
2 the Ranting Gryphon

And for those of you who never want to sleep again, there's Stumble Upon. This is like a search engine... only you just tell it your interests, and it will pull up random websites related to that. You can spend HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS on it. Believe me. But it's great. X D

Stumble Upon

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Few Things

A long term form of home protection is planting ivy and holly right next to your house and letting it grow up and around your house. This protects against evil.

This is going to be an amulet one. Take a small jar, like that you could put a string through the cork at the top and wear around your neck, and stuff an aloe leaf in there along with some anise. Then pour some (fresh, like you squeezed it) apple juice in there with it. The aloe is for peace, the anise for protection, and the apple for good luck. This should help you avoid being hurt, and finding peace wherever you are.

Also anise can be kept in your bed to protect against nightmares.

Oh if you're on the run try putting some basil in your wallet. This promotes wealth. Maybe it'll help you find money while you're on the run. =3

That's all for today folks. See you later.

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

EDIT: Speaking of Mystery's recommendation, if you want to use an actual apple for something, trying cutting it in half so you have the five seed parts (making a five pointed star.) Ya know, just try it out, instead of just having the whole apple sitting about or little cuts of it.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Random thought

A random thought which bore strange fruit... ever hear that song "I whip my hair back and forth?"

Well since I'm free and stuff...

I'm making a humor blog... Probbaly aint gonna go well.
Have fun, stay safe, and be happy.


Dream Defense

To help keep your dreams nightmare free I have a few things you can try.

First, get a bunch of Betony, and stuff it into your pillow, like into the stuffing, and sleep on this pillow. That should help prevent nightmares.

I recommend NOT doing anything with Cowslip if I were you guys. It can be used to contact loved ones who have... departed, while you're asleep. If that's something you're interested in, try grinding some up, putting it into a teabag, make tea from it and after drinking that, go to bed and see how it goes. I've never tried this, because I don't have anyone who is dead that I'd like to talk to.

Hell... i think that's about it for now. EveN though i only gave that one example of how to keep out nightmares, Believe me, it's effective. A last miNutE word of advIce Save any left over Parts Of plants that you don't use durIng your Spells. Other thaN that i believe that's it.

Do with this information what you will.

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

Friday, May 6, 2011

Something Interesting and Funny for Runners.

Anonymous here...

I was watching Ask a Ninja (Don't judge me!) and he interviewed a guy named Ze Frank. They mentioned that he made something called "The Show".

I looked it up, and god it's funny and awesome. It was made for one whole year back in 2006. It's pretty much a news... vlog... randomness... stew of greatness. X ) I HIGHLY recommend watching it. It'll take quite awhile to watch through all of them, but at least it'll be something for those of you who are running to distract from your situation for a little while.

The first "The Show"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Sneaky Way to Protect Your House

Hey this is Tikka. Today I have a simple way to protect your house from supernatural forces. This is really meant for "houses" not "apartments".

All you need to do is get ahold of a plant known as "Angelica" and plant it in a garden around your house. It's used for protection, so this can work as a very weak barrier. This plan I would use to back up a stronger warding spell.

What I would do for a warding spell would be to get bay laurel and bay leaves, mash them together in a mortar and pestle, and then burn it as you walk around your house, and chant a simple spell something along the lines of. "By bay laurel and leaves I banish all evil from this house, may it never come in again." Both bay laurel and bay leaves are used for protection and to banish negative energies. So hopefully this will help those of you who believe in Wicca. Those of you who don't... good luck and hopefully you can find something else that you believe in to protect yourself.

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

Edit: so there's no confusion, what this means is use the WHOLE bay laurel plant, leaves and all.

Seeking applicants

So we've got most of our topics well covered, especially the mystical aspects of keeping Slenders in check. Currently though, we are seeking dedicated writers for Runners, Science, and Combat. We'll consider anyone who wants to join the fight, but someone with experience in these topics would be beneficial to everyone. My goal here is to create a holistic site covering all the possible angles of surviving and thriving despite the interest of our enemy.

I would prefer someone who has some experience as a Runner or is a survivalist who can give practical suggestions on living "off the grid."

As for science, I'd prefer someone who is not vehemently opposed to the idea of magic, just as I am not anti-science, but I'll take what I can get. At this time, we have many folks here with middling to expert status in regards to magic and mysticism with a passing familiarity in science (because our modern cultures are more or less science-saturated), but no one from the opposite end of the spectrum.

I would also like to see someone with combat or military training who can give tips to people on how to avoid or fight off proxies.

We can continue to cover these topics in the meantime, but someone with first hand experience would be preferable.

Humor: Does whatever a...slender can?

found while surfing the interwebs...
He... has his own theme song now. Do you suppose we can get Spider-man to sue for copyright infringement?

Slenderman, Slenderman,
Does whatever a slender can
Stretches his limbs, any size,
Catches kids just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Slenderman.

Is he strong?
Listen bud,
He's got paranormal blood.
Can he swing from his threads
Take a look overhead
Hey, there
There goes the Slenderman.

In the chill of night
At the scene of his crime
Like a streak of light
He escapes just in time.

Slenderman, Slenderman
Creepy neighborhood Slenderman
Wealth and fame
He's ignored
Terror is his reward.

To him, life is a great big bang up
Whenever there's a hang up
You'll find the Slenderman!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello everyone!

This is Drake and Tikka. We'll probably post either things to help keep yourself sane or maybe we'll even post how to make, and do, certain spells and wards. Oh but remember, with how He seems to work, if you don't believe they will help you, the spells and wards won't help at all. So be careful when trying to use them.

So yeah, to begin with. I have one recommendation for everyone. Have music to listen to, or maybe some books, or some videogames. Something normal that you can do while on the run. Honestly, it really helps keeping yourself sane and calm. Having some semblance of normality will help you stay calm and thinking clearly. So find that one thing you love doing, and make sure to do it a lot if you're on the run.

Stay safe and secure,
Drake and Tikka

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ready Cash and free meals

Those on the run or thinking of running will appreciate these links. Just because you're homeless doesn't mean you're helpless. There are many places that will buy scrap metal and other useful bits if you have the time to clean them up or are recycle-crafty.

Consider Urban Foraging as an easy way to earn cash on the run. That really is an incredibly useful link, with links to other sites as well. There are too many sites to list on the subject of recycling garbage into crafts, and if you're not greedy, you can sell these to people for spare change without getting into trouble for grifting. Just a few tool (needlenose pliers, epoxy, nailpolish) can allow you to craft small decorative bits on the run.

Urban Food Foraging is a good way to make do with your meager finances. Though Autumn is often considered the best time to find ready food, Spring is no slouch in offering readily harvested edibles as you move from area to area. Edible buds, shoots, and roots can provide a meal when nothing else is available. Dumpster diving at grocery stores (careful of trespassing and bloated cans) or even asking restaurants for free food in exchange for a night of dishwashing are easy ways to get food.

You'd be surprised what foods are edible in a pinch... I say edible, not appetizing. There are lists of famine foods compiled during the Depression and WWII that give detailed instructions on how to make even some plants considered poisonous edible. A quick search online should give you an idea of preparation. I also recommend Grieve's "Modern Herbal" which includes medical, practical, and famine instructions on various plants, though it does have a British bias and only sketched pictures (if you have access to the books). Any plant identification guide with nice glossy pictures is a good thing to have around as well.

Monday, May 2, 2011

On being Invisible

The first thing you have to wrap your head around is that being invisible is not abnormal. Sure it's what you'd expect from Slendy and friends, but there's a reason for that. Slenders steals people with psychic potential. He snaps them up like toffee popcorn, mucks about their heads, tweaking this, trimming that, and then he uses them to glorify himself... to spread himself to even more people.

You were "chosen" because you are highly intelligent, creative, and/or psychically gifted. As I'm pretty sure all three are connected, even if you don't feel you meet all of these qualifications, making yourself invisible is something some, if not all, of us can do. If you are able to master this talent, it could prove invaluable for avoiding proxies should you choose to stand your ground. Or if you become a runner, it will keep a store clerk from breathing down your neck because he's well aware that the scruffy kid who doesn't look like she has two nickels to rub together has come to shoplift some food. (Not that I endorse shoplifting, but fact of life, everyone's got to eat.)

Slenders is not a physical entity. He does not use invisibility unless it is borrowed from those he has subjugated. He doesn't technically need to. When he wishes to go about unseen, he can simply drop some of the matter he's carrying and go back to being incorporeal.

Invisibility is a bit of a misnomer. If you master this skill, you are more accurately telling people "move along, nothing to see here." They are still aware of you on a subconscious level, but unless you walk right up to them and say "boo!" they will more or less not acknowledge you. This varies from person to person, as not everyone is equally psychically endowed. Those who are generally more aware of their surroundings (Pink Floyd's "amazing powers of observation") are more likely to notice you. A good rule of thumb to follow though, when you are putting out your "I'm not here" vibe, try to avoid calling attention to yourself so that those who could notice you are not startled into awareness. They'll be more likely to notice you in the future after that.

Now, to the technique. We are all connected to everything around us, but we very rarely notice it. In fact, most humans are completely cut off from consciously noticing this connection. Call it the akashic records, nirvana, existing in the now, following the tao, whatever you like, but it amounts to accepting your small place in the tapestry of existence, essentially fading into the background by identifying with it. Humans tend to have telescopic vision, focusing on a very small portion of reality as it pertains to them, personally. So with that mindset it is extremely easy to overlook something in the background.

Sometimes the act of becoming invisible is instinctive. Ever felt like you were being ignored by absolutely everyone? Chances are you've gone invisible without noticing. For the purposes of learning how to become invisible, or using any psychic gift really, I cannot stress enough the advantage of knowing how to meditate. Invisibility is very much a state of mind. Just as some meditation relies on the repetition of sounds, if you examine your invisible state, you may notice a low hum in your head (or sometimes a high pitched whine depending upon your state of mind). If you are able to notice this lower tone, you may be able to use it in the future to replicate your invisible state, thus skipping a lot of the effort needed to make your invisibility a conscious choice.

Another technique to use when attempting to become invisible is "syncing." This is more on par with what I was first trying to convey... that we are all connected. Syncing means that you connect yourself to another living entity psychically and blanket yourself in their EM field. If you use this technique with people, I suggest only trying it with those who you know very well and who would not object to the connection. This is also something which only someone who is empathically or telepathically gifted should attempt. There can be a mental "bleed" between two people linked in this way- them picking up your anxiety or you picking up whatever they are feeling. It almost guarantees a panic scenario if one or both of you are startled by something unless you are able to shield your mind from the impressions of your partner.

A third technique also uses syncing, but with plants and animals. With animals, you have the same drawbacks as you do with people, namely instincts will kick you both in the gut if you are startled while synced. With plants, there is less of a chance of negative psychic feedback, but you must be a high functioning empath to pull it off and plants have a tendency to be too calm. What you see as a threat won't phase them, and so your reaction time may be slowed down if you are discovered. Still, plants are more highly aware of their environment than animals and will be the first to know if there is as something alien in their midst, like Slenders.

Again, you are not actually invisible. It would be better to say that you are unnoticed. When done properly, it should feel as though you are maintaining two separate consciousnesses... one controls your invisibility while the other directs your course. They should be very distinctly separate from one another to ensure that you remain invisible as long as you need to be, despite your emotional state. It is akin to lucid dreaming... but in real time.

Now to go back to my suggestion concerning meditation. This is twofold. In the first case, meditation allows you to jump to different mental states, connecting not only with a calmer, more centered part of the mind, but also allowing you access to mental functions which some have called miraculous. The Tibetan Lamas consider this a fallacious pursuit on the route to nirvana, but there are many mental skills available to those who delve into the mysteries of their own minds... bilocation, heightened endurance and strength, immunity to the elements, etc.

Actually teaching anyone how to achieve invisibility is a difficult process as technique is a matter of innate ability and choice. I would suggest you learn at least the rudiments of meditation first and from there begin to expand your consciousness to the wider world, rather than contracting it to the nothingness which is the normal goal of meditation. Explore the contours of the space in which you are meditating until you know them intimately, and then attempt to blend your consciousness with them. When you are comfortable with this, move on to maintaining such connections with your environment outside of your meditative space. Continue to practice in a variety of situations to ensure that you can maintain this invisibility even under duress.

So long as you maintain this level of awareness, you should remain unnoticed by almost everyone. I say almost everyone because there's always going to be people who are psychically gifted enough to see through your invisibility. Just as there are people who can see ghosts. Even Slendy's converts should for the most part be ignorant of you, provided they're not gifted with clairvoyance. It's unlikely you'd fool Him in a direct confrontation though. So use this ability judiciously, or he will choose hunters who cannot be blinded by this little trick.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Beastiary Entry One: The Rake

The Rake is an unusual creature. It's exact height and weight are unknown. It looks like a hairless man, and as seen in the EverymanHYBRID footage, it's skin is a pale pink, probably close to albino. It seems that it runs around on all fours, which makes it's movements awkward as it seems it's proportions are  close to a normal human. It has been described many times as having a body position that appears that it has been hit by a car. It's most unnerving feature is it's black hollow eyes and an unnatural voice that has not been recorded. The guys at EMH have caught it growling but it's said it can also talk. Then there are the claws, long and knife-like.

When it comes to dealing with this creature, use precaution. It seems that it could be working with The Slenderman now, but that is unconfirmed. Try and avoid it at all costs, if you must deal with it, stay far from it, Long bladed objects such as swords are suggested. Nothing on record if this will work or not, but if it comes down to it give it a shot.

I by no means am endorsing an assault against this thing, attacking it is too be a last ditch effort in order to survive. No one is sure of just what it can really do.

Further analysis available here

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