Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Be Wary of These

I stumbled upon this site today, a very useful collection of the usual suspects. Hopefully the author will continue updating the list as more of our enemies reveal themselves.

The author, Dia, says: These are a collection of people I've met, or stumbled upon rather, that you should be wary of. They are proxies, revenants, puppets, corpses walking, enough kinds to make your head spin. Then there are simply the ones that know too much. Anyone I list here, watch them closely if you run across them. Or, if you are wise, you will run the other way.


  1. It's a pretty good collection. I hope she keeps updating.
    And thanks for the information.

  2. Run the other way, indeed.
    I do like this, though, thanks for linking it, and Dia, thanks for writing it.

  3. If enough people are interested, I might end up writing a few posts about the current conflicts/wars that are going on with the Runners. I'm worried about the exposure that might give, though, so I need to know if it would be well received.

    1. A conflict between runners won't do. We need to stick together to beat them/Him. Why are they fighting?