Friday, May 27, 2011


Ye know, when I was yer age, we dinnit have these here bloggamajiggers, fer sure. We had to write all our letters by hand, in the snow, while walking six miles to the nearest post office!

It's come to my attention you don't know anything about hard, cold facts. So let's start with fact number one: Electricity is a cruel mistress.

Ever since SAGE01A (to use Scribe Sigma's very neat designation system) did some tests with "The Substance," we've known that electricity hurts the |OC|. I won't say I knew about it before, because I didn't, not in my many years, but it explains some things in my past. The Substance, which I like to call ectoplasm, is highly conductive of electricity. Thanks to the high presence of said ectoplasm in the |OC|, the |OC| is highly conductive of electricity.

Example 1: Avalesca. In short, she lured the |OC| into the magnetic gates of a library, and then amped up the voltage. Pain ensued.

Example 2: Nightcrawler. One of the science team developed an electromagnet that emitted enough "radiation" to keep away the |OC| for a maximum of one month, after which it managed to find the blind spot, so to speak.

To continue with the PTC, they've developed an electrified melee weapon: the Hammer of Thor, or the banhammer. I haven't seen it in action but I've seen the charts of the kinds of power it emits and I can tell you, it would hurt the |OC| big time. If they could ever manage to get close enough.

More in-detail information can be found here.

Keep a taser with you. Not a close-quarters one. A projectile taser. If you need a second or two to run, shoot it and drop it. Since that ectoplasm is almost always found in the Indoctrinated, such a taser would work against them, too. Close-quarters would be easier to use with them than with the |OC| if you can't get your hands on a longer-range one.

Hope that helps.

For science, this was Nathaniel Crowley. Dagnabbit.

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