Saturday, July 16, 2011

News and more News

Just to let folk know, I've updated the news page with more possible Slendy related deaths and disappearances from yesteryear. I do so periodically as I have time to search through archives and such, but unlike most of the DAS postings, I don't post them to the main page. Just not worth doing for one or a handful of links. Now obviously I can't be everywhere and read everything. So if you guys have news, whether official or from the blogosphere, feel free to post a link and I will add it to our News page.

In other news, we've had a death in the family... and a few additions. Trina's brother, Ron, is dead. What happened is still somewhat confused, but he was apparently the traitor our mysterious benefactor warned us of. Shady was there and will post on what happened as soon as she can, but she's kind of reeling from another death as well. That Prosper guy is really starting to tick me off. I'll link here to Shady's post as soon as she makes it.

Somehow though, Trina came walking back out of the woods with someone she'd thought she'd killed a long time ago. He even has a blog and has apparently been watching us for a while. One less person in the woods stalking us, I guess. Both he and Trina are shell-shocked, which is absolutely understandable.

Finally, Mr Crowley and his friend, Sage Lehu, showed up at our door bright and early this morning. When I say, showed up, I mean, literally they walked right up, Crowley looking the place up and down in a very critical way. Yes, I know it's not much to look at, but it's not going to fall on us either, and it's decrepit state deflects most people from giving it a second glance, if they even get that close with my wards. I feel badly though about inviting Crowley, with two dead bodies in the garden awaiting interment and this Prosper ass stalking Shady like her own personal Grim Reaper.

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