Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Strength in numbers

Or, the benefits of having a group.

Alright, alright; I've been gone for a while, and out of the Running game since I was just a kid. But I've got a few tricks of my own up my sleeve.

Let's start with the cons.

  • Harder to travel at speed
  • Harder to keep up with supplies
  • Harder to avoid being followed/found
  • Harder to find a destination
  • Possible to get into fights and hurt each other - beating yourselves down from the inside
The basic things you'd think of. If you have an injured groupie, the whole team will be slowed down (not that being injured on your own would be any faster). Some tough decisions might have to be made regarding basic survival. But in my opinion, even having a single partner is better than none - especially if they've got their own brand of survival. Having friends with you is even more helpful, since you'll get along well and be able to work together.

  • Easier to sleep at night, as you can take turns on watches
  • Harder to go insane - you've got friends to calm you down
  • Easier to defend yourselves - three baseball bats and two tasers is better than one switchblade
  • Less vulnerable - even the least intelligent Indoctrinated will think twice before attacking a group of five, alone
  • More things can get done - true, splitting up ruins the point, but, for example, in a city, some of the group can make camp while others go out and get supplies
For - for...for I don't even know what anymore, this was Nathaniel Crowley.


  1. Mr Crowley... Sorry I didn't get to comment on this sooner. These are all great points. Speaking of, you'd be welcome to crash with us any time. We know we've got a lot of people watching the place, but they can't get at us. So we're safe for the most part, and they seem content to watch.

    Truth be told, you'd be doing us a favor if you came and helped us get the place livable and perhaps helped us figure out more defenses than the magical ones I've put up so far, just in case our watchers become more aggressive.