Friday, May 27, 2011



Found a house finally, snuck into it. Residents are asleep, computer is downstairs. On guest account, heh. Keeping this short. So tired... No. Hurry. Mystery is gone, perfect timing right? I'm concerned. On Twitter he posted a cut off code for danger. Trying to track or find any messages or get an idea of what this means.

Wildman is my first suspect. Mystery was concerned earlier and displayed it openly. I am so tired, the anger, the worry, it adds stress to this breaking body and mind. I don't suspect the Executor, nor his companion Proxy 269. It seems my previous captor is too busy running from Victor (Good! Fucking run!). You never know, but in regards to earlier when we were conversing common sense leans towards the brute that's been stalking him.

While I can give you no description on Mystery I can go ahead and give you what Mystery said in his own words about Wildman:

"Though the big one seems not to like the little one. It chases him around and around the park. I've taken to calling the big one Wildman (of Borneo). His one defining feature is the hair... long, lank, grizzly hair. He hasn't gotten within a yard of me, but I imagine he smells. Just a guess.

The little one, I don't know. I only noticed it a day ago. It dropped out of a tree practically on top of Wildman. Never saw one of Them run so fast. Both of them disappeared into the trees. The little one is very small, very thin. Could just be a kid, but that doesn't explain why Wildman fled the scene and seems to be avoiding it whenever I can even spot the little one."

If anyone recognizes someone fighting a person (or people) fitting that (these) description(s) you need to alert me immediately.

I can't stay long. Can't risk it. I'm debating on heading into Mystery's direction but that seems like suicide, in my condition I'd only burden any attempts at survival. I see the pocket knife next to me, finely sharpened not by me, but by the Executor during my stay. I feel like my small weapon was raped. This is bullshit but there is little we can do as of now. I'm going to settle in the basement of this house, took a peek around when I initially entered. There is a hidden spot behind some crap, cold floor but fuck it. House is pretty warm. Will sleep for a few hours. Find where I am in the morning. Hopefully have some word from Mystery by then.

Wildman, I swear... Everything I would have done to Bad Man Walking I will do to you ten fold, should you have hurt Mystery. Should anything happen. Your master will shiver when He sees what I have done to you. Unlike Mystery I am not a pacifist, I have no qualms in tearing down everything you know and everything you are. This is not an empty threat, it is a goddamn promise.
No one touches friends/allies/people I give a damn about. No one especially touches kin, and Mystery is as close to me as my own blood relatives are.

I can't find any signs aside from our Twitter conversation. I read the fire incident and everything before. Mystery's kin are safe, at least he believes so. But is he? That question pulls at me, it concerns me. I can't aimlessly go into his direction, though. None of us can. Please, Mystery, if you are alright let us know. I'm really hoping your computer just glitched out or something but... Fuck, the likeliness in that timing... We both know, don't we? You're a strong one. I refuse to assume the worse and I will slap anyone else who does.

I need to lay back, even if it is on a the hard floor in the basement. Need a few hours. Need to think.
I'll post updates on Twitter when I get on the road again. Going to keep looking for something, even if I have to check every page and every lead fifty times. Some clue as to where he went... Smarter than that. He'll have a plan even when attacked. I'm sure of it.

I don't know how many of these chances I will get, how much access I will have to a computer either. Might bounce from house to house if I can. Have to find a way to power up the cellphone too, it's running really low. Will rummage this house for something tomorrow. Here's to hoping it is empty.
Here's to hoping Mystery is alright.
Stay safe. Please.


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