Monday, May 9, 2011

Fun things for late at night when you can't seem to sleep.

Anonymous here...

First is the webcomic "Scandinavia and the World". Each character in this comic represents a different country. God it's just fantastic... sooo... yeah... check it out, you won't regret it! = )

Scandinavia and the World

Another that can take days to read all the way through is MS Paint Adventure's "Problem Sleuth" and "Homestuck". These comics are done in the style of text based adventure games. Problem Sleuth gets pretty complicated near the end, but not nearly as much as Homestuck, so I strongly urge you not to skip ahead in the stories and read them both all the way through. (they are not directly connected as of yet, so you can read either one, but choose one and stick with it. X D ) Oh also, Problem Sleuth is finished, but not Homestuck.

Problem Sleuth

Next for people who like watching videos of funny critics (like I do.) there's the Nostalgia Critic. He's damn funny and reviews stuff that would be from most people's childhood. (If they're under 35.) But yeah, give him a try!

Nostalgia Critic

And for those of you who love ranting comedians there's iLL WiLL PreSS's "Neurotically Yours" with Foamy the Squirrel, also there's 2 the Ranting Gryphon and his show 2Sense. Honestly anything from Neurotically Yours is amazing so give it a try. 2's show 2Sense is really good, though they don't have some of the older episodes on there, but you can watch a lot of them, also he has some of his rants (videos and audio rants.) on there too. enjoy!

Neurotically Yours
2 the Ranting Gryphon

And for those of you who never want to sleep again, there's Stumble Upon. This is like a search engine... only you just tell it your interests, and it will pull up random websites related to that. You can spend HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS on it. Believe me. But it's great. X D

Stumble Upon


  1. Nostalgia Critic is great. If you like him you should check out the rest of Channel Awesome(Linkara, Spoony, ToddintheShadows etc). Many hours will pass that way.

  2. Holy shit it's Problem Sleuth! I almost forgot about that game. And I might check out this Nostalgia Critic guy. Thanks.


  3. Thanks to you, I have spent the entire day reading Scandinavia and the world. I hope you're happy. lol

  4. Zed seems to have saved this "Homestuck" and "Nostalgia Critic" to his favorites.
    Odder coincidences have happened.
    Perhaps i will browse them to gain understanding of human humor.
    I understand that placing cats in a oven is highly amusing.
    That last one is a joke.
    - Indrid

  5. Congratulations, Zed, you made a joke. I am proud of you and barely even know you.

    Amazingly enough that was not sarcastic.

  6. @MsSynclair Agreed, one of my favorites is Angry Joe. X3 He makes me laugh.

    @Leon06 Hell yeah! Problem Sleuth is great. =3 You won't regret watching Nostalgia Critic, he's fantastic.

    @Mystery Good. X3 That comic is AMAZING. :P

    @Indrid/Zed Nostalgia Critic is good, and can give you insight into some aspects of a lot of people's childhoods. Homestuck is AMAZING, and aaaalso has the "Trolls". The way they talk reminds me of proxies and hollowed. Oh and nice joke. I like dark humor. XD

    Forever Watchful~ Tikka

    PS- Head over Anonymous Here... Drake put up a coded message that he wants to see if you guys can decipher. It's not too hard, so if you guys really put effort into it, it shouldn't take too long.


  8. @Justice I KNOW!!! D: I loved nepeta... *sadface*

    @ThroughTheFog and TheShadyLady HELL YEAH!!!!

    Forever Watchful~ Tikka

  9. I stand by the thought that Gamzee'll be back to normal one day. And everyone will come back to life.