Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Few Things

A long term form of home protection is planting ivy and holly right next to your house and letting it grow up and around your house. This protects against evil.

This is going to be an amulet one. Take a small jar, like that you could put a string through the cork at the top and wear around your neck, and stuff an aloe leaf in there along with some anise. Then pour some (fresh, like you squeezed it) apple juice in there with it. The aloe is for peace, the anise for protection, and the apple for good luck. This should help you avoid being hurt, and finding peace wherever you are.

Also anise can be kept in your bed to protect against nightmares.

Oh if you're on the run try putting some basil in your wallet. This promotes wealth. Maybe it'll help you find money while you're on the run. =3

That's all for today folks. See you later.

Forever Watchful~ Tikka

EDIT: Speaking of Mystery's recommendation, if you want to use an actual apple for something, trying cutting it in half so you have the five seed parts (making a five pointed star.) Ya know, just try it out, instead of just having the whole apple sitting about or little cuts of it.


  1. Superstition is a dangerous thing to advocate.
    Slender Man is not evil as you would understand.
    I can assure you that none of those things will help.
    - Indrid

  2. Well for those of us that believe in Wicca, it's not a superstition, so you can piss off.

    And as I would understand it he is as close as any being can be to being chaotic evil.

    I can assure you that if you believed in Wicca, it would help. It's helped both Drake and I so far.

    Forever Watchful~ Tikka

  3. Indrid, Religion arguably grew out of magic. As a Magi, which is both a priest and a magician, I can say that both are equally valid and there is much cross-pollination betwixt them. I assure you that superstition is not what magicians or Wiccans practice. It's knocking over the salt or having an itchy nose and assuming you'll have company.

    Slenders isn't evil as I understand? Meaning he's evil in a way I don't yet comprehend then? Like more of a Hitler evil as compared to a bin Laden evil?

    So far as I am concerned, forcing anyone to do anything against their will is evil. Slenders fits the bill in that regard, and his violent little sycophants won't win him the Nobel Peace Prize anytime soon. I'm afraid you'll either have to defend your position with a more succinct interpretation of Mr Slim, or go bark up a different tree.

  4. I would suggest star anise over regular anise for the above charm. They're both protective, but the shape of the star anise is more symbolically suggestive and therefore better at keeping the mind (and energies) focused on the purpose of the charm. It's worth a little extra money.

  5. @Mystery Seconded. X3

    Forever Watchful~ Tikka

  6. Slender Man does what he does because that's what he does.
    Viruses must infect.
    Plants must grow.
    Wolves must hunt.
    Humans must farm.
    We must do what we do.
    Humans just came along and called things they like "good" and things they don't "evil".
    Human concepts through and through.
    As for your religion.
    It come from us.
    When we interact with humans to much you label us things like "gods" "demons" "monsters" or "spirits".
    I don't know what you humans would consider "magic".
    But i know that nothing guards against Slender.
    - Indrid

  7. Indrid, no, I am sorry. This may be what you believe. It is not what I know to be true. I know my gods, and they are not you. They are hanging in the eaves, waiting for the Event to allow them to return. And I know what Mr Slim is and how to defend myself from his servants. If our tactics did not work, it's very unlikely we would still be around to share them with others.

  8. I see i can not change your mind about this human nonsense.
    I see no reason to try to enlighten you further.
    - Indrid

  9. You're just sore because we won't bow and scrape before you.

  10. If tall dark and slender really was this powerful being that I can hope to defend against, wouldn't He have killed me by now and gotten me out of His way, and Drake too, especially since Drake apparently actually caused at least a little damage to Him? All I know is that the only way we've managed to stay hidden was using our magick.

    Also, thank you for backing up my point about him being chaotic evil. Chaotic evil is defined as doing "evil" for the sake of "evil". I define evil as those actions which harm others. Slender going out and killing and taking over others, shows a perfect example of chaotic evil.

    Incase you're wondering, yes I consider most humans, especially those in power who send people to their deaths in the hope of killing others and taking them over, evil. So don't try and turn that against me, cause I already agree with you.

    Forever Watchful~ Tikka